Neo4j Boosts its Graph Database

Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, is releasing an improved version of its signature platform, enhancing its scalability, introducing new language drivers and a host of other developer friendly features.

“This is going to make it far easier to work with everything from Docker to all the different environments on prem and the different monitoring tools that people use,” said Philip Rathle, VP of products.

The update, version 3.0, is backed by a new a new binary wire protocol called Bolt and offers new official language drivers, now available for Java, .NET, JavaScript, and Python.

Other new features include a new storage engine that does away with previous upper scaling limits while retaining Neo4j’s hallmark performance advantages, support for Java Stored Procedures, cost-based query optimizer for writes, as well as improvements to Cypher performance, and introduces a configuration and logging structure to easily support modern deployment scenarios.

Users who are building applications with .Net, Java, JavaScript, and Python will benefit the most from these enhancements, according to Rathle.

“What this is going to do is actually make it possible, for example, to create learning guides so that when you’re learning Neo4j, you’re not just learning about the query language, you’re learning it from the perspective of your own language by using these drivers.”

Additionally, users who use large graphs to fulfill their needs will benefit from this, Rathle said.

“We’ll continue to innovate and push the limits,” Rathle said.

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