Neo4j Releases Native Graph Database as a Service Platform

Neo4j, a provider of graph database service, is releasing Neo4j Aura, a fully-managed native graph database as a service.

Neo4j Aura lets users take advantage of a graph database via a frictionless service in the cloud. Neo4j Aura is the ideal database as a service for understanding how people, processes, locations and systems are interrelated, according to the vendor

Neo4j Aura is designed to serve the needs of small and medium businesses, departmental projects, and individual developers.

Data practitioners focus on building their rich graph-powered applications, leaving the day-to-day management of their database to the same engineers who built the world's leading graph database.

“Neo4j was founded with a mission to help the world make sense of data,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder of Neo4j. “The obvious next step in advancing that mission is Neo4j Aura.

Neo4j Aura enables developers, architects and data scientists to deploy, scale, and power connected data applications in the cloud.

The practitioner is relieved of tedious operations to focus on developing modern, efficient applications that leverage connected data insights for uses like customer 360, fraud detection and machine learning.

Neo4j Aura is flexible, reliable and developer friendly. Key features include:

  • Zero administration
  • Simple pricing
  • "Always-on" availability
  • On-demand scaling
  • Guaranteed data durability
  • Highly secure
  • Easy data loading

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