Neo4j Releases a Variety of Updates for its Graph Database Platform

Neo4j, a provider of graph technology, is releasing Neo4j 4.0, addressing unlimited scalability, intelligent data context, and enterprise-grade security.

“I believe Neo4j 4.0 will set the pace for all graph database technology in the next decade and beyond," said Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder, Neo4j . "With Neo4j 4.0, we made a massive, audacious engineering investment to raise the bar on the scale, performance and security that can be expected from a graph database – and from databases in general.”

Neo4j 4.0 addresses the broad and complex concerns of today's intelligent applications, including:

  • Unlimited scalability: Data grows relentlessly and performant applications can’t be constrained by data volumes. Applications need to scale up – and out – to handle higher volumes while maintaining performance across a growing diversity of on-premises, hybrid and cloud architectures.
  • Dynamic, revealed context: Applications increasingly need databases that adapt to the myriad complexities, dynamics and unpredictability of real-world data. Effective applications use the richness of data relationships to reveal context and causality in real time.
  • Security and data privacy: As regulations continue to evolve, individuals and governments are more conscious than ever about how and where consumer and citizen data is used. Application developers will need to build applications that meet these needs securely and rapidly.
  • Intelligence and learning: Operational applications are increasingly likely to be components of complex systems that incorporate machine learning and AI. For actionable AI, tomorrow’s applications need to bridge data science across operational systems and leverage context in real time.

Key highlights of the 4.0 release of the Neo4j graph database include:

  • Sharding and federation
  • Reactive architecture
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Granular security

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