Neo4j Update Transforms the Platform into Globally Scalable Architecture

Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, a graph database solution, is releasing an update to Neo4j that introduces enterprise scaling, governance and security capabilities, and improves native graph performance.

The update, Neo4j 3.2, adds multi-data center capabilities to enable customers to build the next generation of global internet scale applications.

Also new to Neo4j are governance and security features ranging from new schema constraints to Kerberos support to advanced query monitoring.

The enhancements improve performance across the entire native graph stack with features and optimizations ranging from new forms of indexing to a compiled runtime for Cypher to a snappier ground-up rewrite of the popular Neo4j Browser developer tool.

“Our large customers are using graph technology as the launchpad for building incredible, global applications,” said Philip Rathle, Neo Technology's vice president of products. “With Neo4j 3.2, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to their inspiration by transforming the Causal Clustering architecture we introduced last year into a globally scalable architecture.”

Other features include multi-data center support, enterprise governance, improved performance in the native graph stack, and a new Cypher editor in the Neo4j Browser that provides a more visually appealing and productive development experience by introducing syntax highlighting and auto completion.

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