NetAbstraction Provides Government-Grade Security with the release of NetEnclave

NetAbstraction, the security by obfuscation company, is creating NetAbstraction NetEnclave, a cloud obfuscation service that offers a veil of secrecy around applications, resources, and data that makes an organization’s assets invisible to attackers.

NetEnclave is based on principles used by the company’s founders to implement clandestine telecommunication networks for the intelligence community.

Since virtually all cloud storage, backup and data sharing services are easily tied back to the organization that procured them, NetAbstraction NetEnclave obfuscates both the digital communication and billing trail to cloud resources for anonymity, while ensuring zero trust access to sensitive data.

“NetEnclave provides unprecedented levels of privacy and security for both public cloud and hybrid assets using obfuscation techniques that make an organization’s resources undiscoverable to threat actors,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of NetAbstraction. “With data at risk from account compromise, misconfiguration vulnerabilities and other threats, concealing a company’s attack surface from threat actors is the ultimate compensating control for cloud security posture management.”

NetAbstraction NetEnclave anonymizes an organization’s cloud resources including data and applications using a network privacy fabric that implements deterministic routing and is cloud provider and geography agnostic.

NetEnclave’s misattribution capabilities enable organizations to shield sensitive processes from external threats, perform risky operations such as cyber security research in a secure environment, and create data recovery islands for business continuity and operational stability that are isolated from attacker reconnaissance activities.

NetEnclave integrates with leading cloud data platforms including Oracle, Snowflake, Splunk and more, and provides standard authentication models allowing organizations to enforce MFA and leverage their existing identity management solutions.

NetEnclave supports several leading business use cases including:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Secure application hosting
  • Malware analysis

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