NetApp Introduces New Cyber-Resiliency and GenAI Enablers

NetApp, the intelligent data infrastructure company, is announcing a myriad of new capabilities, spanning both cyber-resiliency and generative AI (GenAI) implementation with NVIDIA. With these latest features, NetApp upholds a commitment to holistically protecting data as well as maximizing its value in the realm of GenAI.

The NetApp cyber-resiliency capabilities are designed to protect primary and secondary data—both on-prem or in the cloud—from directly within its storage. Prompted by the industry-wide focus on ransomware and cybercriminal activity, NetApp is updating its cyber-resiliency solutions to empower data storage and management systems that emphasize data protection, security, and governance and compliance adherence from a simplified environment, according to the company.

“NetApp is taking an aggressive and proactive approach to protecting our customers’ data against cyber threats using artificial intelligence. We are the first storage vendor to explicitly and financially guarantee our data storage offerings against ransomware,” said Mignona Cote, CSO at NetApp. “Today, we are furthering that leadership with updates that make defending data comprehensive, continuous, and simple for our customers.”

Among these new features is the ONTAP Autonomous Ransomware Protection with Artificial Intelligence (ARP/AI)—a real-time enterprise storage ransomware protection that builds AI/ML models directly into enterprise primary storage, affording greater accuracy and performance in detecting cyber threats—and NetApp BlueXP Ransomware Protection—a single control plane for intelligently coordinating and executing end-to-end, workload-centric ransomware defense.

Other capabilities include:

  • Application-Aware Ransomware Protection via NetApp SnapCenter 5.0 for immutable ransomware protection for applications
  • NetApp BlueXP Disaster Recovery for seamless integration with VMware infrastructure and storage options for on-prem and major cloud environments
  • NetApp Keystone Ransomware Recovery Guarantee which extends NetApp’s current Ransomware Recovery Guarantee to its storage-as-a-service offering—NetApp Keystone—warranting snapshot data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack

Atop NetApp’s latest cyber-resiliency updates, the company is also combining its intelligent data infrastructure with the high-performance compute, networking, and software from NVIDIA. This aims to empower enterprises to unlock the potential of GenAI with secure, high-performance access to data in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments, according to NetApp.

“NetApp is the intelligent data infrastructure company, with solutions optimized to maximize the potential of our customers’ AI investments,” said Arunkumar Gururajan, vice president of data science and research at NetApp. “Our unique approach to AI gives customers complete access and control over their data throughout the data pipeline, moving seamlessly between their public cloud and on-premises environments.”

“By tiering object storage for each phase of the AI process, our customers can optimize both performance and costs exactly where they need them. Our unified approach delivers the performance, productivity, and protection customers need to quickly innovate with AI,” continued Gururajan.

Engineered to drive trusted, responsible AI, NetApp now offers:

  • NetApp AIPod powered by NVIDIA DGX, an AI-optimized, converged infrastructure for AI projects that delivers affordable capacity flash systems to improve cost/performance while optimizing rack space and sustainability
  • New FlexPod for AI reference architectures that now supports the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform and can be extended to use RedHat OpenShift and SuSE Rancher
  • NVIDIA OVX-validated NetApp storage that allows organizations to combine NVIDIA OVX computing systems and NetApp storage to drive seamless enterprise AI deployments, including model fine-tuning and inference workloads

“GenAI has massive potential to help organizations harness their data to uncover business insights and improve operational efficiency,” said Archana Venkatraman, research director, cloud data management at IDC. “NetApp has continuously adapted to deliver the services and solutions customers need to effectively manage their data pipelines. These updates further illustrate NetApp’s willingness to evolve and bring innovations to customers that unlock the full potential of AI.”

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