NetBox Cloud by NS1 Brings Streamlined Network Infrastructure Management to AWS

NS1, a provider of smart network control solutions, is unveiling NetBox Cloud availability in the AWS Marketplace, granting accessibility for AWS customers to NS1 network infrastructure technology. NetBox Cloud is an open source SaaS solution designed to build a comprehensive network source of truth (NSoT) without great management expenditures, aiding in managing complex infrastructure and traffic at scale.

NetBox is utilized by companies to gain comprehensive evaluations of their network infrastructures to drive configurations and monitor changes within their ecosystems. API-driven integrations with tools like Ansible and Terraform enable NetBox to thoroughly monitor and support network infrastructure, eradicating the need for exhaustive manual management.

Features like single sign-on, streamlined upgrading, performance auto scaling, and testable environment access are new additions to NetBox Cloud to alleviate the pains of enterprise network infrastructure management.

“AWS customers can now use NetBox Cloud to build an authoritative inventory of every physical and virtual network asset as the first step toward network automation,” said Bill Lapcevic, SVP of business development at NS1. “Accomplishing new infrastructure and application initiatives often requires networks to evolve and adapt at a pace that is prone to errors if approached manually, requiring network automation. Network automation architectures rely on a network source of truth as a central view into the intended state of the network, and NS1's advanced infrastructure, support, and experience with NetBox Cloud make leveraging a NSoT less expensive and easier than ever.”

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