NetSuite Supports Globalstar’s Growth by Automating Processes and Improving the Reliability of Financial Reporting

Globalstar Inc, a provider of connectivity to businesses and people worldwide, is working with Oracle NetSuite to support its vision to deliver the most reliable communication services. With NetSuite, Globalstar has been able to take advantage of an integrated business system to streamline and scale its international operations and reallocate time and resources to accelerate growth.

To support its growing business and capitalize on rising demand for satellite communications, Globalstar needed to streamline and automate its financial processes as its finance department was spending too much time manually collecting, managing, and analyzing sales, fulfillment, and payment data.

The organization needed a system that offered high levels of automation, managed its international subsidiaries on a single platform, and provided enhanced reporting and visibility into all its business operations.

After careful evaluation, Globalstar selected NetSuite in FY21Q1 to help optimize its financial processes ahead of SAP.

“We’re a public organization, so we have to consider the reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission as we grow,” said Rebecca Clary, vice president and chief financial officer, Globalstar, Inc. “With NetSuite, Globalstar has an integrated business system that gives our team the real-time data needed to run efficiently and effectively. NetSuite has also helped us address our reporting requirements faster, eliminate two days off our close processes, automate operations, and ultimately do more with fewer resources.”

With NetSuite, Globalstar has been able to take advantage of a single business system to simplify its accounting, financials, and operations.

By automating and streamlining operations with NetSuite, Globalstar has been able to increase sales, enhance business insights, and generate more accurate financial forecasts. In addition, NetSuite has helped Globalstar address its Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance process through improving data reliability and enhance manufacturing efficiency and productivity by providing visibility into its complete product lifecycle, from manufacturing to warehouse inventory to device activation.

Looking to the future, Globalstar plans to use NetSuite Planning and Budgeting to further streamline sales orders and fulfillments from its warehouse. Globalstar worked with NetSuite Alliance Partner Myers-Holum to implement NetSuite.

“In a highly regulated industry, Globalstar is pushing the boundaries of communications and helping businesses and people stay connected,” said David Rodman, senior vice president of customer success, Oracle NetSuite. “With NetSuite, Globalstar has been able to simplify its business processes while scaling its operations. As a result, Globalstar can accelerate its growth and focus on meeting skyrocketing demand for reliable connectivity.”

Formed as an LLC in 2003, Globalstar has become a leading provider of satellites and commercial devices. It currently operates 30 satellites that serve a global base and a portfolio of products that sends 1.8 billion messages a year.

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