Netcordia and Hitachi Partner to Address Mid-Market Network Issues

Netcordia, a provider of network management solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Hitachi Data Systems intended to help companies identify problems lurking across their network, before they slow performance and compromise application availability or data center operations. Through this partnership, Hitachi Data Systems has integrated Netcordia's NetMRI with its Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer version 1.2, creating one of the first available integrated infrastructure monitoring and management solutions for the mid-market.

"For mid-market companies, enterprise size solutions can be costly and time-consuming to install," Dave Barry, vice president of business development for Netcordia, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Midsize organizations need a cost-effective way to manage network devices and keep data center operations going strong that doesn't drain precious resources. Netcordia's joint offering with Hitachi solves the too big/too small problem by offering an affordable way to manage these two critical backbones smoothly and effortlessly. It's engineered to fit the needs of mid-market companies struggling with ill-fitting solutions-without breaking the bank."

The partnership meets the needs of mid-market companies with 100 to 1,500 devices, along with limited staff and budget resources. The integrated solution set from Hitachi and Netcordia automates critical yet routine tasks, helps protect data center operations, and ensures high network availability without having to make piecemeal downloaded management tools work together.

The integrated Hitachi-Netcordia solution also enables companies to discover network devices and elements, and provide an inventory of what's on the network, as well as detect changes to the network and assess the impact of those changes on application availability, compliance, performance and overall network health.

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 1.2 software is designed to monitor and diagnose up to 250 heterogeneous server, switch and storage nodes across the data center through a single unified interface. The software provides monitoring capabilities that streamline IT operations and improve customer service levels while reducing the total cost of ownership. The combined NetMRI and Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 1.2 solution set is available now, the vendors say.

For more information on the combined solution visit the Netcordia website or the Hitachi Data Systems website.