Netezza Announces New TwinFin Data Appliance

Netezza Corporation, a provider of data warehouse and analytic appliances, has introduced the Netezza TwinFin appliance, the first in a family of new blade server-based appliances. The TwinFin appliance scales to more than a petabyte of user data and delivers significantly better performance over competing solutions. The TwinFin appliance is also priced very reasonably per terabyte, which resets the bar on price-performance in the industry.

Phil Francisco, vice president of product management and product marketing at Netezza, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the TwinFin appliance is the first of four new products in the fourth generation release of Netezza's product portfolio, and is focused on high-performance data analytics up to petabyte scale. As with other Netezza appliances, the TwinFin appliance has the storage, server, and software all combined in one platform, and the software has intelligence that knows how fast the various processors are, and is optimized to make maximum use of this hardware. The TwinFin is based on commercially-available blade servers and has field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that accelerate processing as data comes off of the disks."

Also, the TwinFin appliance's performance is increased through its patented software streaming architecture and a set of database accelerator cards that are seamlessly integrated with the blade servers. The TwinFin appliance is the first in a family of four appliances that will also include an entry level system, a high capacity system, and a memory-based system that will enable a new generation of real-time analytic applications.

The Netezza TwinFin appliance is available immediately. For more information on the appliance, go here.