Netezza and Composite Software Introduce Data Virtualization Option to Integrate Netezza Appliances

Netezza Corporation, a provider of data warehouse, analytic and monitoring appliances, and Composite Software, Inc., a data virtualization middleware provider, have announced the Netezza Data Virtualizer to simplify, accelerate and optimize the integration of data stored across multiple Netezza appliances. Powered by Composite Software, the Netezza Data Virtualizer creates an integrated view of data that is physically distributed across multiple Netezza appliances and delivers query results to reporting and analytic applications while Netezza appliances continue to manage their data.

The companies showcased the new offering at Netezza's Enzee Universe, 2010 User Conference last week in Boston. The Netezza Data Virtualizer is licensed and supported by Netezza. The product is planned to be generally available in the second half of calendar year 2010.

Driving the need for the Netezza Data Virtualizer are general market factors such as the massive growth of data, as well as the continued evolution and improvement of analysis tools with the addition of capabilities such as predictive analytics, Robert Eve, executive vice president, marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Additionally, he notes, appliances provide great price/performance. As large enterprises accumulate multiple Netezza appliances, they want to gain an even higher return by integrating these analytic environments. The new Netezza Data Virtualizer is engineered to be a complete and cost-effective solution that meets these needs while delivering the agility, performance and reliability levels these enterprises require.

Netezza customers also have the option of licensing a full-use version of Composite Information Server directly from Composite Software. The full-use license allows data access beyond Netezza appliances to other relational databases, to web services and XML documents, and enterprise applications from Oracle,, and SAP, including SAP BW and Oracle Essbase.

"There are a lot of heterogeneous environments where you might want to connect Netezza with an SAP BW for instance," says Eve. And in a migration strategy, "where an organization is moving off an Oracle data warehouse and into a Netezza appliance, there might be a time period where you need to run both," observes Eve. In that situation, he notes, Composite could "provide insurance" that the consuming applications continue to run well.

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