Netezza and EnterpriseDB Partner for New Data Warehousing Product

EnterpriseDB, a supplier of PostgreSQL-based solutions, and Netezza Corporation, a provider of data warehouse and analytic appliances, announced a new partnership intended to ease database migration projects. Under the agreement, Netezza will resell EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server, which includes its Oracle Compatibility Layer, as Netezza Migrator. Migrator will be compatible with the Netezza TwinFin appliance.

EnterpriseDB's technology operating with Netezza's TwinFin is intended to ease customer migrations from Oracle, while protecting their initial investments in Oracle technology, development and training. Netezza will leverage EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server product as a proxy for front-end Oracle applications. This will enable TwinFin to use all of the Oracle compatibility contained within EnterpriseDB's Advanced Server.

The Netezza deal is similar to one announced with IBM, when it launched DB2 9.7, which also includes an EnterpriseDB's database compatibility technology. However, the IBM relationship "is a little bit different because we actually worked with them and integrated the Oracle Compatibility Layer into DB2," explains Karen Tegan Padir, vice president of products and marketing at EnterpriseDB.

"This one is an embedded version of our Advanced Server product in with the Netezza product. We can do this with other vendors," emphasizes Padir. "All of the performance features and any of the things we did to enhance integration with their product is in our main product line. Postgres plus 8.4 will be available in July." There is the potential for EnterpriseDB forming similar arrangements with other vendors, Padir adds. "There is nothing we have done there that we cannot duplicate with other providers."

Separately, EnterpriseDB says Robin Schumacher, previously with MySQL and Calpont, has joined the company as director of product strategy. "I'll be helping set some of the strategic vision for the product line and handling some of the product management duties and typical product-related activities," he told 5 Minute Briefing at the Red Hat Summit which was held in Boston last week, as was Netezza's ENZEE Universe.

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