Netrics and Contegra Systems Partner to Provide Enhanced Information Delivery Solutions

Netrics, an independent software vendor that develops data matching software, has announced that it has partnered with Contegra Systems, a web portal design services and systems integration firm. Through this partnership, Contegra will use the Netrics Matching Platform to expand its ability to build profitable web properties for enterprises whose businesses depend on accurate information delivery.

The Netrics Matching Platform makes structured data of any kind more usable despite its imperfections by accurately matching data elements in disparate databases, and providing decision makers with consistent, standardized information they can trust. Netrics matches imperfect data in real-time despite inconsistencies, incompleteness, variations, and errors and is an embeddable technology that works with virtually any database, data source, or application.

Stefanos Damianakis, president and CEO of Netrics, explained to 5 Minute Briefing that "the old or traditional way to attempt to accomplish data matching is by exhaustively enumerating rules to explicitly define the matching conditions you want to find and then assigning probabilities to them. This is what is known as a probabilistic, rules-based approach and is not very effective. Netrics brings innovation and matches data using mathematical modeling that facilitates machine learning-the software learns thresholds and parameters that enable it to identify many more matching conditions."

Contegra Systems is a comprehensive, full-service web development company that builds customized, information publishing products for numerous enterprise clients. Many of these enterprises struggle to effectively maintain consistent structured data that can be managed and delivered for profit. Contegra is now going to use the Netrics matching engine in its software development processes to identify linkages between different databases and identify the correct description of a product, patient record, customer, and other critical information elements. By adding the power of Netrics to its solutions for information providers and enterprises, Contegra will enable its customers to deliver a single version of the truth when publishing information, and also improve their operational efficiency and decrease operating costs.

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