Netuitive Adds Tivoli Integration to Portfolio of IT Monitoring Tools

Netuitive, Inc., which provides a self-learning analytics platform for cloud management, has announced a new integration with IBM Tivoli, a provider of systems management tool for large enterprises. According to Netuitive, the enhanced, native integration is aligned with all of Tivoli's management features and significantly expands the ability of Netuitive to scale to the size of the IBM Tivoli estate. IBM Tivoli customers can now better leverage Netuitive for automated performance and capacity management in virtualized and cloud environments.

Netuitive's analytics platform uses patented behavior learning technology to replace manual, rules-based approaches with automated mathematics that self-learns the operational behavior of IT systems and applications. It allows enterprises to plug in and synthesize data streams from existing monitoring sources across silos through Netuitive's analytics engine in real time, forecasting issues before they impact performance and isolating root cause wherever a problem occurs.

The result is improved service-level visibility, automated problem diagnostics and predictive analytics that enable organizations to manage their performance and capacity proactively and end-to-end.

"One of the challenges that we have been seeing for quite some time - and this is across the board for all of the systems management and performance management products that are available - is that most organizations are still in a reactive mode in the way that they are able to address problems," Daniel Heimlich, vice president at Netuitive, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "All these tools are very manually intensive and they require a lot of human intervention in terms of determining where the thresholds should be, and quite frankly it is a lot of guesswork that is involved with that," he adds. It requires an "inordinate amount of time" to figure out what is normal, how to determine the baseline for each system, for each metric, how do these metrics inter-relate with one another, how are these things going to trend, and other questions, making it difficult for organizations to achieve a proactive state, he explains.

"What Netuitive provides is predictive analytics software for virtualization management, for business service management, and for cloud management," says Heimlich. The software is able to automatically learn the behavior patterns of the environment based on the time of day, day of week, and week of month, leveraging the monitoring from Tivoli as well as from other monitoring tools. In addition to learning the health of those systems in connection with timing, it also understands how individual systems relate with one another in the overall services or applications that they are supporting, Heimlich explains.

The new IBM Tivoli integration joins Netuitive's portfolio of IT monitoring tools already integrated with Netuitive, including solutions from BMC, CA, Compuware, HP, Infovista, Microsoft, NetApp, NetIQ, Oracle, TeamQuest, VMware, and others. "The fact of the matter is that organizations tend to have a variety of various monitoring products," notes Heimlich. "The result of that is that it makes it really challenging to be able to monitor the environment from an end to end perspective."

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