New Ahana Capabilities for Presto Managed Service Including Data Lake Caching, Security and Seamless Operations

Ahana, which offers a cloud-native managed service for Presto, has announced updates. The  Ahana service simplifies the deployment, management and integration of Presto and enables cloud and data platform teams to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their organizations’ analysts and scientists

The major areas of focus for the new updates are in performance, better cluster management, ease of use, and security.

“Our latest innovations make Ahana Cloud the fastest and most advanced cloud native managed service available for Presto,” said Dipti Borkar, co-founder and chief product officer, ahana. “We have seen that advanced capabilities like data lake I/O caching can improve query performance up to 5x for real-world concurrent query workloads. This, along with our new ease of use, security and cost management advancements, continue to extend Ahana’s leadership in the market, giving data platform teams more value using the power of Presto for faster insights, easier access, and lower costs."

The new capabilities in Ahana Cloud for Presto include:

Performance improvements

  • Data lake I/O Caching
  • Pre-tuned Presto cluster capability

Ease of use

  • Automated and versioned upgrades of Ahana Compute Plane
  • Ability to deploy different instance types for Presto coordinator and workers, as well as Ahana-managed Hive Metastore Catalog
  • Customized IP block allocation for the Ahana-managed Virtual Private Cloud
  • Support for asynchronous query execution with Apache Superset in the Ahana Compute Plane
  • One-click creation of AWS provisioning roles and policies needed with an AWS CloudFormation Template


  • Tighter policies and advanced AWS tagging for all Ahana-managed resources in the user’s account
  • Integration of Ahana Compute plane with AWS CloudTrail, including log validation

Other new upcoming capabilities in Ahana Cloud for Presto, include:

  • Advanced security with the Apache Ranger integration
  • Better cost management for Presto clusters
  • Programmatic access to cluster management

Together, Ahana says, these new capabilities help to solidify Ahana Cloud’s position as the only provider of Presto in the cloud and also give platform teams of all sizes more capabilities to easily deploy Presto at scale in the cloud.

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