New Actian Vector for Hadoop Enables Real-Time and Operational Analytics

Actian, a provider of hybrid cloud data warehousing and data integration solutions, has announced general availability for Actian Vector for Hadoop, its upgraded SQL database designed to help data-driven organizations get the most out of their existing Hadoop data lake investments.  

According to the company, the new Vector for Hadoop provides support for machine learning, optimized workload management, and a seamless onramp to the cloud so enterprises can get the most out of their Hadoop investments.

Constraints on existing data lake infrastructures, combined with current market conditions and budgetary pressures, are preventing IT leaders from gaining the most value from their existing Hadoop data lake investments. With this challenge in mind, Actian developed Vector for Hadoop, making it possible for enterprises to take full advantage of the data sets at their disposal.

“Hadoop is designed for scale, but insights are needed at lightspeed, which can mean the difference between business growth or failure,” said Emma McGrattan, senior vice president of engineering at Actian. “With that in mind, Actian Vector for Hadoop is making it possible for our customers' existing Hadoop data lakes to take on new operational analytics challenges, which traditional Hadoop SQL applications have historically struggled to address.”

Vector for Hadoop uses a combination of advanced performance capabilities such as patented vector processing and in-CPU cache optimization technology to eliminate bottlenecks commonly encountered by other SQL acceleration products. Independent benchmarks demonstrated a more than 100X performance advantage with Actian Vector for Hadoop over Apache Impala. In addition, Vector delivers optimized access to common Hadoop data file formats through its innovative Spark connector, giving IT teams the ability to perform functions like complex SQL joins across different table types, and serve as a faster query execution engine for SparkSQL and Spark R applications.

“As an innovative provider of leading network monitoring solutions to manage global transportation and mobile systems, Expandium, a leading provider of network monitoring solutions for mobile operators, pushes the edge of Big Data technologies, starting with Actian Vector,” said Rodolphe Guillard, software team leader, Expandium. “With explosive growth in mobile data, we’ve developed our new network intelligence platform to scale up on Actian Vector to perform near real-time data ingestion in a production environment. We’re excited about employing Actian’s new native Spark integration to stream data to machine learning solutions to sustain our technical leadership.”

Vector for Hadoop is building on its performance heritage and unique capabilities while also making it easy for organizations to migrate their applications to the cloud.

The new Vector 6.0 release includes includes multiple performance enhancements and new capabilities, including: 

  • Comprehensive, enterprise-grade security integration, such as dynamic data masking, column-level data at rest encryption, data in motion encryption, and more. 
  • Faster machine learning (ML) execution capabilities, letting businesses deploy ML models that run alongside the database leveraging Vector’s new UDF capabilities for faster data scoring. 
  • Comprehensive workload management enabling control of the database access mode, limiting row count returned by a given query, and allowing queries to be aborted once they’ve reached pre-defined limits.

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