New Aerospike Kubernetes Operator Advances Consistent App Delivery Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Aerospike, provider of next-generation, real-time NoSQL data solutions, has released the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator and advancements in Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to help enterprises unlock cloud productivity and agility with scale-out cloud data.

According to Aerospike, enterprises are increasingly tasked with delivering superior customer experience by leveraging cloud-native architectures that scale elastically and update continuously. To do this, they must address significant complexities during the initial build and provide maintenance across siloed cloud footprints.

Automation is essential to operate and scale cloud-native services with predictable performance. Helping to address these challenges are Operators, a method of deploying and managing Kubernetes applications.

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator provides a controller that manages a Custom Resource Definition to extend the Kubernetes API for Aerospike clusters. It automates the management of common Aerospike database tasks such as the configuration, provisioning, scaling, and recovery of Aerospike clusters, thereby reducing the complexity of manual deployment and life cycle management.

The Operator is currently supported on Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Microsoft AKS, and is in the process of certification on Red Hat OpenShift.

“As enterprises race to deploy application workloads to the cloud, Aerospike continues to simplify and automate operations of its next-generation NoSQL platform,” said Lenley Hensarling, chief strategy officer, Aerospike. “With today’s advancements around the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator, enterprises are able to eliminate much of the cluster maintenance often required to deploy across clouds.” 

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