New Analytics Software Links Hadoop Big Data with Critical Enterprise Information

Companies have begun to realize the financial benefits that big data can provide them. With this realization, many have been looking for software that can help leverage their data using Hadoop to store and process large data sets.

However, according to Novetta, a provider of advanced analytics, Hadoop works best for processing and modeling large volumes of single-source data but multi-source data has been more problematic.

To address what it sees as a challenge to leveraging the full range of big data to drive better decision making, Novetta has launched data refinement, entity resolution and analysis software that it says will power large-scale analytics on all data in Hadoop.

The solution is now certified to run on Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks HDP.

“The commercial markets are adopting a lot of the techniques, technologies, and methodologies that the Federal Government has,” explained Rick Clements, Novetta CMO.  “Since 9/11 we have been solving the challenge of big data for the Federal Government for over a decade. Our CEO saw the opportunity that we had some technology that could be used for problems that commercial organizations are seeing,” stated Clements.

Organizations can use the software to visualize and leverage hidden relationships, to find patterns of behavior and potential threats. Examples of use cases for the solution include retailers correlating data from click stream, weblogs, email and social media with product data warehouse and MDM systems to understand buzz, and better understand influencers; banks exposing hidden relationships within email, claims, filings, criminal records, court documents, fraud lists, and social media to identify dissatisfied customers and fraud; and insurance companies integrating email, reports, documents, and transcripts with customer management systems and external sources to discern up-sell opportunities and uncover fraud.

What makes the Novetta solution unique, says Clements, is its entity resolution technology that is purpose-built for big data. Novetta is designed to work with trusted data, transaction data, and unstructured data, with the ability to sort and organize these varied data types. Novetta provides a unified view across multiple systems and sources of an organization’s data, allowing it to manage and discover unique relationships across the data.

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