New Book by Sybase Executives Looks at Data Strategies That Financial Firms Will Need to Gain Competitive Advantage

Sybase has published a new book, The New Data Imperative: Managing Real-Time Risk in Capital Markets. Written by Sybase executives, Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and chief marketing officer; Irfan Khan, chief technology officer; and Sinan Baskan, director of business development for financial markets, the book provides a forward-looking perspective into the data strategies that financial firms will need to implement to effectively manage risk and gain competitive advantage in the coming years.

The structure of financial markets that will emerge from the recovery and reforms will be shaped by a number of new regulations, methodologies, practices and technology. The New Data Imperative: Managing Real-Time Risk in Capital Markets focuses on the interaction of practices and technologies and the limitations and shortcomings that have prevented successful risk management across asset classes and portfolios. The authors highlight the data-centric approach that will be necessary to manage capital and financial risks under a balance sheet management model rather than at the tactical level of transaction-driven business units operating in their own semi-autonomous silos.

"In the years ahead, the successful financial firm will have developed a capability to understand, track and quantify risk factors across all portfolios and assets and a capacity for agility when volatility in financial markets occurs," observes Nathan. "Data is the critical pillar in understanding operational risk and exposure. This book takes a detailed look into data capture and how it can ultimately be leveraged for competitive advantage."

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