New Cloud Deployment Partners Expand the Couchbase Ecosystem

Expanding its ecosystem, NoSQL database provider Couchbase has formalized its partnershhips with Cloudsoft, Cumulogic and Elasticbox. The new partnerships are aimed at giving customers the option to deploy Couchbase Server to public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With these new partners, customers can now automate the process of provisioning Couchbase Server to Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud, VMware, OpenStack, and others.

“We will be working with them from an integration perspective; we will be working with them from a go-to-market perspective with specific customers; and we will certainly be working with them from a marketing perspective. They will for example participate in our next developer conference which is in October - Couchbase Connect in San Francisoco - and you will see lots more partners working with Couchbase,” said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold.

Going forward, Couchbase is making a bigger investment in building out its ecosystem, said Wiederhold.  “The level of integration particularly with key partners is becoming increasingly important as the market grows and so we have brought Rod Hamlin (VP of Business Development) on board to drive our business development and ecosystem development activity. This is the first of many announcements about much deeper relationships with many different companies.”

This particular announcement with Cloudsoft, Elasticbox, and Cumulogic is focused on orchestration vendors - companies that provide database as a service technology that other companies can use to develop their own database as a service for internal requirements, said Wiederhold.

“We see more and more companies developing services in some central group inside their companies and then making those services available to their development teams throughout the company or throughout a division," he explained. "These three companies provide technology that allows you to provide those kinds of services around Couchbase. We have worked with these companies in the past but we are elevating these relationships for deeper integrations and more work from a market perspective, and as a result announcing them as new partners in a formal partner program.” 

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