New Compuware Solution Makes Mainframe Access More Intuitive

Compuware Corporation, a mainframe software and tools company, has begun shipping a solution intended to empower developers, data architects and other IT professionals to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner. The new software, called Topaz, is designed to help enterprises leverage high-value mainframe data as veteran mainframe professionals retire, with responsibility shifting to a new generation of developers and data architects who have little or no expertise in mainframe technologies. 

“The impending retirement of skilled mainframe developers poses a threat to global enterprises that CIOs haven’t seen since the Y2K deadline—and that is even more problematic, given the increased importance of mainframe data in today’s digital economy,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley. 

Topaz accesses both mainframe and non-mainframe data from its underlying platform dependencies.  This abstraction allows developers to quickly and easily perform tasks such as gathering test data from multiple sources.  It also simplifies the incorporation of mainframe data into use-cases for Big Data analytics.

Key capabilities of Topaz include visualization of data relationships across platforms, and a single interface for editing data across file types.

More details are available at the Compuware site.