New Compuware Toolset Better Exposes IT Infrastructure Bottlenecks

Compuware Corporation, a technology performance tools company, is shipping a new solution set intended to expose how IT infrastructure conditions impede the performance of business applications. The new package, called PureStack Technology, combines with Compuware’s dynaTrace PurePath Technology to directly correlate guest and host infrastructure health to individual application transactions and affected end users in real time.

“By combining these two technologies, we now provide a 3D application and infrastructure topology model with the exact link between every transaction and its guest and host infrastructure.” says Bernd Greifeneder, CTO of Compuware’s APM business unit.

PureStack Technology automatically discovers, maps and collects critical system and infrastructure health information along the infrastructure stack, including hypervisor, operating system, storage, process and CPU. This infrastructure health information is tied directly to each PurePath, which contains cross-tier transaction detail, including end-user and code-level context. Together, PureStack and PurePath provide a three-dimensional view of how infrastructure health impacts application performance and availability.

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