New Conference Focuses on Helping Financial Services Firms Maximize Their Wealth of Data

A new conference called Big Data Insights: Finance is being launched this year, December 4-5, at the Hilton Stamford in Connecticut.  According to conference organizers, financial services firms have been collecting, collating and harvesting data for years, and this conference is intended to help them find the right technologies to take advantage of those rich data assets. The conference is intended to help organizations determine the types of problems they can solve with big data, how to execute a big data strategy and deliver results, and learn about solid benchmarks for success.

Banking has long been in data warehousing, but there are new opportunities that are bubbling up in terms of analysis of data, Diana Middleton, conference director, Finance & Investments, Institute for International Research, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  “We are really hoping to create a forum where the business side of the house and the technology side of the house can get together and determine how best to use data, be strategic with it, and be able to generate revenue." 

The conference has two distinct themes: Big data in theory and big data in practice, Middleton notes. The goal with the event, she adds, is to have cross-pollination between the different silos within business and technology and get people working together with their data strategies. “We think that by bringing the stakeholders in from across these organizations we will be able to make that happen.”

According to Middleton, practitioners, academics, and authors will be doing the bulk of the speaking but there will also be opportunities for vendors. For example, on day two of the event, there will be a session called Power Hour in the Exhibit Hall for people who are currently in build vs. buy conversations internally and externally – and actively looking for solutions –  to learn about how to actually build their infrastructure and talk with consultants and vendors who have expertise in those areas.

To register for Big Data Insights: Finance, or learn more about vendor opportunities, go here