New E-Book Explores Best Practices for Using Oracle Unlimited License Agreements

LicenseFortress has announced the availability of a new e-book titled “The Completely Un-Authorized Oracle ULA Guidebook.” The book is targeted at helping IT pros navigate their way through Oracle Unlimited License Agreements and provides information on the options and mistakes to avoid.

“Few topics are as controversial in the Oracle community. Devotees say Oracle ULAs help companies save money and maintain an ongoing relationship with Oracle, but detractors say ULAs are a trap with their benefits greatly exaggerated. As it often does, the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes,” said Michael Corey, co-founder of LicenseFortress, a provider of software license compliance solutions.

Written by Lena J. Weiner—and based on the subject-matter expertise of Corey, a cloud industry influencer, author, and regular columnist for Big Data Quarterly magazine, and Dean Bolton, managing partner of VLSS LLC (an Oracle, and VMware consulting firm) and an MIT graduate, Oracle developer, and database administrator—the book is available for download at

“Anyone who touches any part of an Oracle agreement should give this book a read. This includes in-house legal teams who rarely have much Oracle expertise, anyone in procurement, IT directors, CTOs, systems analysts, DBAs, network engineers, MIS directors, and IT coordinators. They should all become acquainted with this volume,” said Bolton.

According to Bolton, the book shows the reader how a properly-used ULA can propel projects, spur departmental growth, and help maintain a strong relationship between their organization and Oracle. "However, its pages warn of the bad side of ULAs that fail to protect from compliance audits and multi-million-dollar fees for license violations."

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