New Enterprise Database Platform Launched by DataStax

DataStax, a provider of solutions based on the open source Apache Cassandra database platform, announced it is shipping an enterprise database platform designed to enable the management of both real-time and analytic workloads from a single environment.

The new platform, DataStax Enterprise, is designed to leverage the features of Cassandra to provide performance enhancements and cost savings over traditional database management solutions, the vendor claims. It supports both real-time and analytic workloads, either on-premise or in the cloud. DataStax Enterprise also includes an enterprise version of DataStax OpsCenter, a visual, browser-based management solution used to manage, monitor, and control Cassandra-based database clusters from a single console. It also provides the expert production support and consultative services required for mission-critical applications.

DataStax Enterprise is the commercial version of DataStax Community Edition, a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra, Michael Weir, DataStax's vice president of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "There's no easier way for those wanting to freely use Cassandra for non-production systems than to download and use DataStax Community Edition," he says.

DataStax Enterprise solves the problems many companies encounter when trying to manage real-time and analytic data, including providing the ability to use a single, scalable database for both real-time and analytic data, which removes the need for complex ETL processes and other time-consuming data movement operations.

DataStax Enterprise also integrates Hadoop, Hive, and Pig support for analytics that supplies fault tolerance for Hadoop as well as faster performance than the standard Apache release of Hadoop. "DataStax Enterprise is unique in that it can serve as the primary database receiving direct input from online applications, while offering analytic, Hadoop MapReduce functionality for analysis on that same data," says Weir. "All of this is accomplished across a smart and scalable architecture, powered by Cassandra, that delivers workload isolation for real time and analytic data operations."

In addition, DataStax Enterprise integrates with multi-database sites, "piping data into traditional RDBMSes if enterprises so desire," says Weir. "But a more common use case is to share space in the data center to ingest data at extremely high rates and scale to handle new types of data, including Web click-streams, Tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates, picture uploads, documents, customer product reviews, metadata, health records, audio, video as well as machine generated data from smart meters or logs."

DataStax remains closely allied with the Apache Cassandra project, and continues to contribute major, innovative enhancements back into Cassandra. DataStax also remains the primary source of product documentation for Cassandra, maintains the Cassandra developer center, manages, and offers professional training courses for Cassandra.

Information is available from the DataStax website.