New Features Advance Domo’s Platform to Power Data Apps

Domo is introducing several key enhancements to its cloud-based platform to make it easier than ever to put data to work for everyone, enhancing the speed, scale, and user experience (UX).

Included in these platform enhancements are new functionality in Domo Multi-cloud, a new Governance Toolkit and updates to Universal Data Modeling, making it easier to understand, engage and leverage data across any organization, according to the vendor.

These new features highlight how the Domo platform gives organizations and its leaders tools to make massive volumes of data accessible and analyzable, and the ability to transform that data with an architecture that scales to trillions of records and thousands of users. 

Domo Multi-cloud enables native, seamless integration with other cloud data warehouses for more flexibility with storage, caching, querying, data transformations and analytics.

New functionality introduced include side-by-side clouds and cross-cloud ETL, where apps can use data from another cloud warehouse alongside data from their Domo warehouse, in a single, seamless and interactive experience, without moving or copying the data, and without a tradeoff in performance. Additionally, users can default to their preferred storage cloud, having the choice to move data seamlessly, dive into dataset details, and pick a target cloud when transitioning between clouds.

The new Enterprise Tool Kit includes a packaged collection of features helps users maintain and manage control of their data and analytics efforts while operating at enterprise scale.

This feature set – a new Governance Toolkit, Sandbox, and Brand Kit – offers enhanced management, automation, and simplification of analytics at scale.

With the new Governance Toolkit, users can scale and automate management tasks across tens of thousands of data assets, all within a user-friendly UI.

Finally, Brand Kit enables users to maintain a consistent look and feel across their entire data ecosystem, both internally and externally.

Domo’s Universal Data Modeling enables users to explore the relationships between datasets that are part of a business process, and to create Data Models that can be organized, mapped and explored in Analyzer.

Data modeling provides additional flexibility and scalability for exploring datasets and building data apps, and provides users with a single, unified catalog that accurately reflects their organization and reduces redundancy in data preparation, unlocking more time for strategic efforts.

Domo’s platform enhancements further support the evolution of modern data experiences to include Data Apps. Data Apps combine data, analytics and workflows into engaging experiences that are integrated, easy to use and designed to power business outcomes for those who have been traditionally underserved by BI and analytics as well as traditional enterprise software.

“Domo was built for this increasingly data rich world,” said Catherine Wong, chief operating officer and EVP of Engineering at Domo. “These features focus on enhancing the speed and scale of Domo, and unlocking data experiences and insights that puts data to work for everyone and drive digital transformation deeper into organizations.”

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