New Geospatial Framework Offered by SAP

SAP SE is unveiling a new platform that will help organizations enrich business applications with geographic data from geographic information systems.

“We have an entire portfolio of spatial solutions to our customers across a variety of industries,” said said Marie Goodell, head of marketing of the SAP HANA Platform at SAP.

The SAP Geographical Enablement Framework powered by the SAP HANA platform will allow users to enable seamless integration and bi-directional navigation between SAP applications and Esri ArcGIS; embed a responsive map user interface (UI) in a business application to display both business and spatial data simultaneously to provide greater insight; store the geometry of any SAP business object in SAP HANA and accelerate spatial data processing in-memory to deliver real-time insights; and visualize, filter and search for business objects – such as functional location, equipment, linear assets, notifications, or work orders – on a map from within a spatially-enabled application. Users can also drill-down through multiple map layers to gain better insight from a desktop or a tablet.

“We’ve been working with Esri to expand our entire portfolio, all the way from the layer of data management and how we manage data up to the layers of how we analyze that data and ultimately how we display it directly in the applications,” Goodell said.

The collaboration between SAP and Esri enables organizations to gain contextual insight from business and spatial data.

“We’ve been working with Esri closely to allow HANA to be the data engine and data store that Esri can leverage,” said Matt Zenus, vice president of product strategy go-to-market, Digital Enterprise Platform Group at SAP.

Additionally, organizations can use the native geo-spatial features within SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects Lumira solutions to enrich data with geographic information and map visualizations.

Business users can also contextualize business performance metrics by using location intelligence capabilities within the SAP Digital Boardroom, powered by the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

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