New IBM ILOG Products Geared Toward ‘Smarter’ Decisions

ILOG, an IBM Company, announced new offerings across its business rule management and supply chain management portfolio of products to help enterprises more quickly analyze an ever-increasing flow of data and make smarter decisions about their operations and the customers they serve.

The new products provide professionals with tools designed to help companies make better decisions faster on information. For example, new features in the latest release of IBM ILOG's business rule management system (BRMS) enable managers, analysts, architects and developers to more easily develop and deploy business rules.

Decisions-from whether to accept a loan application, pay a health care claim, or flag a credit card transaction as suspect-are critical to businesses. IBM ILOG BRMS adds a new level of analysis to existing software that helps to automate these decisions and enables businesses to customize and quickly to adapt their business rules as the needs of the business change, according to Craig Hayman, vice president of WebSphere for IBM's Software Group. "The ability to make rapid and informed operational, tactical and strategic decisions is at the core of any successful enterprise. The new ILOG products give key professionals, in a range of industries, the tools they need to accomplish this, while working smarter, understanding more and communicating better."

IBM ILOG's supply chain management applications have been enhanced to analyze more detailed parameters, including tax implications, and tracking of carbon emissions in supply chains. IBM ILOG Supply Chain Applications help companies address global supply chain design and sourcing strategies, transportation planning, and the optimal flow and placement of inventory.

The new products include the IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules 7.0 BRMS product line, the latest version of ILOG BRMS for the Java platform. The tool provides improved decision governance and insight capabilities, and ensures business policies and rules are implemented as automated decision services. This release will also include improvements for managing and automating decisions in legacy applications running on mainframe systems.

IBM WebSphere ILOG Rules for .NET 7.0 BRMS product line is a BRMS for the Microsoft .NET platform that adds the ILOG BRMS rule repository and Web-based IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server environment, enabling deployment of rules as Transparent Decision Services for use in service-oriented architectures.

Another new component, IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus XE 7.0, is a supply chain design and planning solution that enables measuring and optimizing of the carbon footprint within a supply chain concurrently with production, transportation, warehousing, and other supply chain costs. The tool also offers customers the ability to analyze tax implications when designing supply chains, taking into account global tax regulations with other costs and constraints.

IBM ILOG Plant PowerOps 3.2 is an integrated production planning and scheduling application that helps professionals anticipate and solve potential problems up to five times faster than previous versions. It includes a strong "re-plan and reschedule" capability, enabling customers to run more "what-if" business scenarios. Finally, it is the first solution of its kind to optimize schedules and inventory requirements simultaneously.

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