New IBM IMS Cloning Tool Feature Available

IBM has announced a new tool feature designed to provide improved data access by simplifying and automating the process of cloning entire IBM IMS subsystems or databases. The IBM IMS Cloning Tool employs storage processor fast-replication facilities to clone IMS systems and refresh databases. IMS Cloning Tool simplifies, automates, and speeds up IMS system cloning and database refresh operations, while at the same time using fewer CPU, I/O, and storage resources than traditional methods by offloading the copy process to the storage processor.

A new feature is the ability to clone IMS systems without having to shut down the IMS system IMS Cloning Tool maintains high availability of production data by suspending log updates for the milliseconds it takes to copy the IMS volumes with fast replication.
IMS system clones are often used to create test, QA or read-only production (for reporting or to run pointer checker utilities from the clone) or to upgrade to new releases of IMS. Instead of waiting for hours, you can have a clone in mere minutes at a lower cost without affecting production.
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