New IOUG Research Report Sees Private Cloud Formations on the Horizon

While public clouds have gotten much of the cloud computing attention over the past years, a new Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) survey, conducted by Unisphere Research, finds that private cloud formations are growing in many companies, often outpacing adoption of public cloud services.

A total of 267 IT and data managers and professionals responded to the IOUG survey, which was conducted in partnership with Oracle Corp., and fielded in August 2010.

The survey found that 44% of organizations represented in the survey already have a private cloud-either in operation, or being planned or under consideration. And 37% reported that at least some piece of their organization's IT workload processing or infrastructure is already available through private cloud services, a number that is expected to increase to 50% by next year.

When looking at private cloud implementations, there is a strong focus on "platform as a service" (database and middleware) capabilities, versus "infrastructure as a service" (compute and storage services).

The adoption of private cloud solutions for IT workload processing or infrastructure is outpacing use of public platform service providers, according to the research. About 14% of respondents say their organizations use the services of public cloud platform providers, compared with 37% of respondents that say they are using private clouds for parts of their operations. Adoption of software as a service is more common, used by one out of four respondents.

The larger the investment in private cloud deployments, the greater the benefits seen, according to the study.

The executive summary of the IOUG ResearchWire report is publicly available on the IOUG website.

IOUG members may log in to access the full research IOUG ResearchWire report on the same web page.