New Improvements to SAP HANA Cloud Platform Bolster Business Services

SAP SE is introducing new business services and key capabilities to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, extending support for customers as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.

“We’re starting to deliver higher level business services,” said and Dan Lahl, VP of product marketing for HCP. “We’re starting to really bring the power of what SAP can bring.”

The new features include support for virtual machines, prebuilt Ariba cloud integrations, beta versions of workflow and business rules services, as well as smart data streaming for high speed IoT scenarios, enabling enterprises to bridge on-premise and cloud landscapes, extend existing technology investments to deliver channels such as mobile and IoT and drive new digital transformation initiatives.

“Virtual machines is a capability to take any application you have onsite, bring it up to the cloud, and bring that close to any cloud application that you’ve already created,” Lahl said.

Additionally, SAP announced it has reached the first milestones in its partnership with Apple with the delivery of early adopter programs for the new SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and SAP Academy for iOS.

Developers in an SAP ecosystem of business analyst in the SAP user community, along with citizen developers will benefit the most from these upgrades, according to Lahl.

“Who benefits from this is anyone in the enterprise,” Lahl said. “We’ve had customers tell us that they’re able to think differently about how they develop and deploy on HANA Cloud Platform and they are now talking about doing very granular development and deployment projects in the span of weeks, not months.”

In the coming months SAP will be making more progress to allow unfettered access to applications and more.

“This is really exciting,” Lahl said.

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