New In-Memory Application Leverages Engineered Systems to Improve Supply Chain Agility

A new Oracle In-Memory Application - Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center - has been launched that enables customers to improve scenario management in order to increase supply chain resiliency and agility, decrease costs and enhance service levels. With supply chains and their associated logistics networks becoming increasingly complex, strategic and operational, Oracle says scenario management is now central to creating an effective logistics network.

Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center leverages the performance capabilities of Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, which can manage the large and complex data sets central to in-memory applications.

With OracleIn-MemoryLogisticsCommandCenter, customers can take advantage of in-memory computing to perform rapid simulations and what-if analysis of their logistics networks using real-world operational data, rules and constraints. By providing customers with the performance required to perform and analyze data from multiple simulations in near real time, OracleIn-MemoryLogisticsCommandCenter provides an improved approach to strategic and operational scenario management.

“To cope effectively with today’s supply chain risk factors, customer demands, and changing business models, organizations need the ability to quickly and accurately simulate the performance of their logistics network,” said Derek Gittoes, vice president, value chain execution product strategy, Oracle. “With OracleIn-MemoryLogisticsCommandCenter, customers can take advantage of unparalleled performance to run rapid simulations and ‘what if’ scenarios with accurate, real-time data. This can not only transform the logistic scenario management process, but more importantly can help customers increase supply chain performance, decrease costs and improve service levels.”

More information is available about the Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center.