New MapR Distribution Release Supports the Real-Time, Data-Centric Enterprise

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MapR Technologies has introduced the latest version of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop, with new features that support real-time applications on globally-distributed, big and fast data.

The company also launched three new quick start solutions to help jump-start customers’ Hadoop deployments with MapR. The quick start solutions, which address common and high value Hadoop use cases, include the Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics Solution, Security Log Analytics Solution, and Recommendation Engine Solution. Each Quick Start Solution is tailored around a specific solution area and includes data ingest modules, solution templates, two to four weeks of professional services, integrated training, and a small Hadoop cluster that can easily be expanded based on the solution requirements.

The newly introduced MapR Distribution including Hadoop, version 4.1, provides three key capabilities:

  1. MapR-DB table replication, an active-active, cross-data center capability enhances global application deployment for Hadoop and big data. MapR-DB table replication extends access to big and fast data by enabling multiple, active replica clusters across the world with real-time, asynchronous replication and also delivers real-time disaster recovery to reduce the risk of data loss upon site-wide failure.
  2. A new MapR POSIX client that provides NFS access to applications running on edge nodes with speed and security advantages. The MapR client boosts performance by leveraging compression and parallel access, as well as provides authentication and encryption to ensure secure data access.
  3. A new C API for MapR-DB, which gives application engineers who code in C the ability to write real-time Hadoop applications.

“Extending capabilities for the data-centric enterprise provides an unprecedented level of analytical efficiency and automation that can result in high-impact outcomes,” said Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies.  “The newest release of the MapR Distribution extends real-time processing and analysis of big and fast data on a global basis, enabling businesses to impact business 'as it happens.'"

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MapR will present a webcast on Apache Drill: Introduction, Differentiation and Use Cases on February 24.