New MapR Orbit Cloud Suite Extends Analytics and Applications Across Clouds and Edge

MapR has introduced the MapR Orbit Cloud Suite which provides a comprehensive set of cloud computing capabilities for the MapR Converged Data Platform to enable organizations to build data fabrics that manage data across one or more clouds, hybrid clouds, or to the edge. The suite also includes advanced features targeted at cloud builders and cloud service providers.

According to MapR, although organizations are interested in taking advantage of the economics and business agility of the cloud, they are encountering challenges. The “component” approach to building applications that draws on multiple services has led to complexity for companies, and the incompatibility between cloud providers also creates lock-in.  Additional challenges include the inability of cloud services to reach the edge and the need to deal with in-country cloud requirements but also geographically distributed data and applications.   

The new MapR Orbit Cloud Suite is designed to address these difficulties with features such as object tiering, cloud native cluster management and integrations with major cloud object storage systems to support companies looking to deploy MapR in a public cloud like AWS or Azure.

MapR Orbit also includes rich capabilities for synchronizing data between different cloud providers or between on-premises installations and the cloud to support customers in building distributed, global applications and data fabrics for analytics, operations, and streaming.

In addition, edge-to-cloud file migration helps move files from MapR Edge to the cloud in real-time to enable hybrid edge/cloud applications.  MapR Orbit Cloud Suite includes capabilities for gathering and processing data close to the source, while moving and replicating this data to cloud or on-premises environments.

And finally, MapR Orbit allows companies building private clouds or regional public clouds to provide cross-cloudoperational, analytic, and streaming services to their own customers.  Cloud-scale multi-tenancy allows cloud builders to provide converged data services to all end customers on a single shared platform, increasing resource utilization and simplifying operations. In addition, a plugin for OpenStack Manila allows the OpenStack cloud operating system to provision MapR file resources in a multi-tenant way, enabling MapR to be the file storage medium for private or public clouds.

For complete details about the MapR Orbit Cloud Suite, go here.