New MariaDB Platform Launches in the Cloud

MariaDB is releasing MariaDB Platform X3, an open source database that unites transactional and analytical workloads at scale, and introducing a new MariaDB Managed Service supporting public and hybrid cloud deployments.

“Public cloud service offerings have fallen short in helping companies succeed across their diverse cloud and on-prem environments,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corporation. “Unlike Amazon RDS and Aurora, MariaDB delivers a wide range of flexibility for our customers. Flexibility in the types of workloads supported, in how MariaDB is deployed, in how the database is configured, and now with MariaDB Platform X3, the flexibility to use any combination of transactions and analytics. Nothing else comes close.”

MariaDB Platform X3 brings together MariaDB TX and MariaDB AX in one platform that can uniquely scale out transactions or analytics to support business growth goals.

With a single unified product, MariaDB Platform X3 reduces complexity and increases operational and analytical efficiency, giving application users full visibility and analytical access to historical data.

To help customers take their cloud strategies to the next level, MariaDB has launched a Managed Service for public and hybrid cloud deployments. 

The MariaDB Managed Service goes beyond standard database implementation, backup and recovery, and regular upgrades by providing proactive monitoring, migration, schema changes, query optimization, performance tuning and security updates.

Leveraging MariaDB’s cloud architects and certified remote database administrators to deliver complete around-the-clock coverage, the MariaDB Managed Service ensures that customer databases are running optimally.

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