New OpenStack-Based Private Cloud Solution Released by SUSE

Enterprise Linux distribution provider SUSE has released SUSE Cloud, an OpenStack-based private cloud solution. This automated cloud management platform enables the rapid deployment and management of an infrastructure as-as-service (IaaS) private cloud, improving resource utilization and delivery of services by managing and provisioning workloads across a secure and compliant cloud environment. SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager are also included, allowing users to easily build and manage cloud-based applications.

SUSE Cloud improves the speed and accuracy of deployment and service in private clouds. Integrated with Dell’s Crowbar, the solution, “greatly simplifies the task of setting up and managing the physical infrastructure for deploying OpenStack Cloud,” Peter Chadwick, senior product manager, SUSE Cloud, tells 5 Minute Briefing. This gives enterprises maximum flexibility in cloud configuration, allowing IT to respond more effectively to new requirements.

SUSE Cloud also supports all components of the OpenStack Essex release and will continue to support future versions. By tracking usage of computing resources and automating service delivery, this solution improves server utilization and allows enterprises to scale the infrastructure without adding staff. Also integrated are SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager. “SUSE Studio is a tool that makes it easy to build standardized workloads that are capable of being deployed in a cloud and SUSE Manager makes it easy for customers to track, maintain and monitor SUSE Linux-based workloads whether they’re running in a private cloud or in a public cloud,” Chadwick explains.

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