New Oracle Database Security Practice Formed by Miro Consulting

Miro Consulting, Inc., Oracle and Microsoft licensing and audit mediation company, has launched a new Oracle database security practice and hired Sam Alapati, Ph.D., as senior technical director to lead the new initiative.

According to Miro, its new database security practice will focus on enhancing data security and compliance with Oracle Database, specifically with 11g - from securing business data to ensuring data access compliance stemming from regulations across industries, security auditing to segregation of duties and the protection of personally identifiable information. Besides Oracle database security services, Miro says the new practice will also offer security and remediation services for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

The need for the new database security practice is two-fold, according to Alapati.
Security is a big concern for any company that has customers, especially those that do business on the internet, "which is just about everybody these days," he tells 5 Minute Briefing. Secondly, apart from a company's need to secure data, and protect customers and its own reputation, Alapati notes that there is a wide array of regulatory requirements from SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA that must be addressed - and also GRC initiatives require most companies to follow the ISO framework, for example. Organizations need help with these efforts, he says.

"Not everybody has a chief security officer and a full-fledged security department," notes Alapati. "Miro wants to play the role of a trusted advisor in the IT security area and also as a virtual chief security officer for companies that don't have one." According to Alapati, Miro's goal is to optimize what companies already have to create data and database security practices. There are advanced security features in Oracle's database, especially in 11g, he says, that enable and empower companies to ensure proper safety measures and comply with industry regulations without spending another half million to million dollars on a solution or patch.

For more information about Miro's new database security practice, go here.