New Patent for Data Obfuscation Technology Granted to Direct Computer Resources

Direct Computer Resources, Inc., a provider of data privacy, file management and application development testing software, has been granted a patent in connection with the data obfuscation technology used in its DataVantage Global software.

The software is used for the management and testing of databases and database applications, data migration, and the protection of sensitive data. It is designed to protect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data by utilizing encryption, masking, de-identification, data substitution and other obfuscation methods.

Using a unique, rules-based technology, DataVantage Global identifies the data to be obfuscated and selects the appropriate method for obfuscating the data. The software gives organizations the ability to obfuscate large collections of data and to test and validate the obfuscated data across an enterprise.

DataVantage Global supports any platform with an ODBC driver, bringing the number to over 200 platforms, but the most popular ones are Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, "and we also do mainframe platforms as well, and we do platforms like Teradata that doesn't have any key fields which many of the other vendors struggle with," Bill Vitiello, executive vice president for sales and marketing, DataVantage, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Many vendors have different code bases, with a common look and feel at the front end, and that generates extra consulting dollars because they have to custom code between, say, an Oracle distributed system and an IMS mainframe system," he notes. With DataVantage, "Our product, the same product, the same install, works and can access all of those platforms."

Direct Computer Resources was granted a patent in 2007 for its data quality management and control technology.

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