New Release of HP Haven Big Data Platform Delivers Advanced Analytics

A new release of the HP Haven Big Data Enterprise and OnDemand Platform incorporates advanced analytics and predictive capabilities for enterprises working with large volumes and varieties of information.

The HP Haven Connector Framework capability combines context-aware, unstructured data analytics from HP IDOL with advanced SQL-based analytics capabilities from HP Vertica. This widens the universe of information that can be ingested and analyzed by HP Haven to hundreds of different enterprise and cloud data sources, including Oracle and SAP enterprise applications, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint,,, Google Drive, and others.

The HP Haven Big Data Platform also now includes an advanced Knowledge Graphing feature enabling organizations to uncover and analyze valuable relationships and connections among information entities for more advanced and contextually aware semantic search within diverse structured and unstructured data sources such as social media content feeds.

Powered by advanced deep neural network technology, the new release also features speech–to-text analytics that delivers accuracy for over 20 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin, and  delivers up to a 75% reduction in errors as compared to traditional, statistical model approaches.

Other capabilities in the new release of HP Haven include Targeted Query Response, which allows developers to refine and customize search results based on specific sets of criteria such as the user’s profile information, to ensure that the most relevant information and insights are delivered instantly; and IDOL Search Optimizer, which allows managers to gain greater transparency using IDOL Search Optimizer to preview and understand the types of searches being conducted by users, and see the quality of results being returned.

The new release of HP Haven is available immediately. For information, go here.