New Release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Helps Drive Down the Cost of Managing Applications

Oracle has announced availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 (10gR5).With this release, the integrated top down management now extends across the full Oracle software stack, from applications to middleware, database, Linux, as well as virtualization. "Enterprise Manager manages everything from applications down. This is what we call top-down application management and because of our insight into Oracle technologies that these applications run on, we have a unique perspective into the diagnosis and remediation of issues and the whole lifecycle of these applications," Moe Fardoost, director of product marketing, Oracle, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "With this release of Enterprise Manager, we have fortified that offering and we have actually extended it in a number of areas."

A key addition to this release is support for the latest Siebel CRM 8.1.1, notes Fardoost. "This is the latest release of Siebel CRM and we are the first management solution to be certified for that version of the Siebel product." The new certification with Siebel CRM 8.1.1 provides monitoring and diagnostics capabilities for Siebel business workflows, enabling higher availability and better throughput for business processes. Additionally the new release features a new management pack for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management to help reduce administration costs, as well as Oracle Real User Experience Insight Accelerators for Oracle's Siebel CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite, to simplify the process of deploying real user monitoring for these applications.

"We have also made major enhancements and additions to managing the middleware environments in Enterprise Manager," says Fardoost. There was a particular focus on enhancements for WebLogic Server customers, he notes, to allow these customers to benefit from a unified application management solution and thereby eliminate the need for multiple tools.

With this release, Oracle Enterprise Manager also adds model-based application performance management through its Composite Application Monitor and Modeler for SOA and new management capabilities for Oracle Enterprise Bus, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Beehive and enhancements for Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

Release 5 also rounds out Oracle Database 11g management capabilities with real-time SQL monitoring and support for new Oracle Database 11g advisors; deployment automation for highly available grid computing infrastructure; enhanced support for Oracle Database Vault; and automated database testing workflow that integrates database software provisioning, data masking, data workload capture and workload replay tasks.

Oracle Enteprise Manager 10gR5 additionally provides comprehensive management capabilities for Oracle VM. "We have extended that top-down application management down to one extra tier which is the virtualized infrastructure," notes Fardoost.

Overall, Fardoost concludes, the new release is "a major tool" for reducing the cost of operations and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and service quality. "This release cuts across a number of key areas that both help you reduce the cost of running application environments, as well as giving you better service and better customer experience."

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