New Releases of Tungsten Clustering and Tungsten Replicator Now Available

Continuent has announced that Tungsten Clustering 5.3.6 and Tungsten Replicator 5.3.6 are now available.

Tungsten Clustering allows enterprises running business-critical database applications to affordably achieve commercial-grade high availability (HA), globally redundant disaster recovery (DR) and performance scaling, and makes it simple to create database clusters in the cloud or in a private data center, to keep the data available even when systems fail, freeing staff to focus on your business and applications.

Tungsten Replicator, one of three core components of Tungsten Clustering, is an open source replication engine supporting a variety of different extractor and applier modules. During replication, Tungsten Replicator assigns data a unique global transaction ID, and enables flexible statement and/or row-based replication of data. This enables data to be exchanged between different databases and different database versions. Information can be filtered and modified in-flight, and deployment can be between on-premise or cloud-based databases.

The 5.3.6 releases fix a number of bugs and have been released to improve stability.

According to Continuent, highlights common to both products include the following:

  • Now, instead of searching for a master with appropriate role (i.e. matching the slave preferred role) until timeout is reached, the replicator will loop twice before accepting connection to any host no matter what its role is. (CT-712)
  • Changing the state machine so that RESTORING is not a substate of OFFLINE:NORMAL, but instead of OFFLINE so that a transition from OFFLINE:NORMAL:RESTORING to ONLINE is not possible any longer. Now it will not be possible to transition from
  • When a heartbeat is inserted, it will now use the JVM timezone instead of hardcoded UTC. (CT-803)
  • Skipping files that are not valid backup properties files (i.e., 0-byte store* files or with invalid dates). (CT-820)

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