New Relic APM 360 Redefines Application Performance Monitoring

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, is releasing New Relic APM 360, the industry’s next evolution of application performance monitoring (APM).

APM 360 correlates all essential telemetry data across the application stack and development cycle, such as deployment changes, key transactions, service-level objects (SLOs), logs, infrastructure, errors, security, debugging, and more.

According to the company, now all engineers, regardless of their role and level of experience, can understand the upstream and downstream impact of issues, discover emerging trends, and ultimately move from traditional monitoring to regular application maintenance and checks with the right insights to prevent potential issues.

APM 360 helps all engineering teams across the organization gain a shared understanding of system health and close instrumentation gaps, driving platform adoption and increased data flow into the New Relic platform.

"New Relic pioneered application monitoring over a decade ago, and we have continuously innovated to meet the growing needs of our customers," said New Relic chief product officer Manav Khurana. "We introduced our all-in-one observability platform, offering a way to get all data across logs, infrastructure, and vulnerability management in context with single platform pricing. This has laid the foundation for us to redefine the APM landscape once again. New Relic APM 360 represents a pivotal moment in application performance monitoring where we have made it easy for engineers to make APM a simple daily practice."

APM 360 gives engineers a holistic view of application health and performance with at-a-glance health monitoring and full app lifecycle insights in a single place. It also debugs workflows and provides automated dependency visualization to improve customer experiences, with easy access to the following daily insights:

  • Deployment changes: View all deployments and change events without switching tools or screens.
  • User experience signals: Track customer-impacting transactions and see synthetics checks right in APM.
  • Correlated service levels: Monitor SLO budgets and risks directly from inside the APM view.
  • Full-stack performance: At-a-glance view of services, infras, logs, issues, and more to drive daily insights.
  • Unified security view: No-instrumentation access to application vulnerabilities from APM agent or third-party sources for a full view of continuous runtime software composition analysis (SCA) alongside APM telemetry.
  • Code-level debugging: Drill down to access stack-traces, errors, metrics, and logs in the context of code.
  • Data recommendations: Discover and rectify uninstrumented services, missing alerts, and vulnerabilities.
  • Generative AI assistance: Coming soon, use New Relic Grok (now in early access) to ask any questions in natural language.

New Relic APM 360 is now available free to all New Relic users.

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