New Relic Instant Observability Gives Engineers the Tools to Maintain Their Entire Stack

New Relic, the observability company, is releasing New Relic Instant Observability (I/O), an open source ecosystem of quickstarts to empower all software engineers to instrument, dashboard, and alert their entire technology stack.

New Relic I/O is introducing an ever-expanding, open ecosystem of knowledge-focused resources that codifies the collective experience of the world’s observability experts and practitioners to help engineers around the world unlock the power of their data faster, according to the vendor.

As part of New Relic’s commitment to make observability an open, data-driven, and daily practice for every engineer, New Relic I/O offers end-to-end integrations with more than 400 cloud services, open source tools, and enterprise technologies, contributed and maintained by the community.

The launch features contributions from partners such as Cribl, Fastly, Gigamon, Kentik, Lacework, and Trend Micro to bring the power of the world’s leading technologies to engineers everywhere, no matter the technology or use case.

New Relic I/O is available as part of New Relic’s generous free pricing tier, so every engineer can get started without talking to sales or providing a credit card, according to the vendor.

“As part of our developer-first strategy and commitment to open source and open communities, we’re proud to introduce a new open ecosystem to help all software engineers embrace observability as a data-driven approach and daily practice through a vibrant community of telemetry data sources, dashboards and alert configuration quickstarts,” said New Relic CEO Bill Staples. “We’re honored to launch with an ever-expanding group of industry-leading partners who will help us honor our commitment to make observability available for all so every engineer can instantly observe any hardware or software systems, cloud service, SaaS, IoT device or application in seconds.”

Additionally, New Relic is introducing quickstarts for cloud services, open source tools and enterprise technologies, including Kubernetes, Istio, Apache, and Cassandra, so every engineer can get a customized observability view based on their preferred tools and specific use case.

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