New Relic Offers New Kubernetes Experience in Latest Round of Product Updates and Innovations

New Relic, the observability company, is introducing a series of new product innovations and community initiatives to help engineers make observability a data-driven approach to how they plan, build, deploy, and run software.

New Relic is launching its new Kubernetes experience, powered by Auto-Telemetry with Pixie, which integrates with New Relic One to deliver instant Kubernetes observability without requiring users to update code or sample data.

Additional highlights include enhancements to New Relic’s error tracking, network monitoring and programmability capabilities, as well as two new community offerings to bring the power of New Relic Full-Stack Observability to more engineers: New Relic for Startups and New Relic Student Edition.

“Now more than ever, the world relies on digital services and their underlying software to connect with family, friends and colleagues remotely, buy groceries for delivery, meet with doctors virtually and access entertainment at home. Our mission is to make observability a daily practice for millions of engineers by putting the power of telemetry data in their hands at every stage of the software lifecycle, so they can deliver great digital experiences to their customers,” said Bill Staples, CEO-elect at New Relic. “Our vision is brought to life in the innovations announced today, and in our FutureStack themes of Open-Build-Run. Our focus remains on engineers and their success, delivering transformative innovation that empowers them to level up their observability skills and create the next generation of software that powers the world.”

Integrating Pixie into New Relic’s Kubernetes solution can remove some of the largest barriers to Kubernetes observability, namely the time and expertise required to manually instrument application code.

Auto-Telemetry with Pixie gives engineers visibility into their Kubernetes clusters and workloads instantly without installing language agents.

Available throughout the New Relic One platform, Pixie data enables engineers to debug faster than ever before, according to the vendor.

It also empowers engineers to observe everything on-cluster without sampling, then uses AI/ML models to send the most relevant subset of that data to New Relic’s Telemetry Data Platform for correlation with other services, intelligent alerting, and long term storage.

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