New Relic Pathpoint Brings Widespread Observability to IT and Business Users

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, is unveiling New Relic Pathpoint, a business observability solution that brings full transparency between IT and business processes. Designed to provide IT and engineering teams with a single source of truth, New Relic Pathpoint increases the operational efficiency and financial impact analysis, ultimately aligning service performance to business outcomes.

Identifying and responding to issues in a near instantaneous manner has become a critical component of IT and engineering. According to New Relic’s 2023 Observability Forecast, critical business app outages cost at least $1 million per hour of downtime, with its impact compounded by 60% of organizations taking more than 30 minutes to resolve outages.

Despite these harrowing statistics, “visibility into businesses’ IT infrastructure has historically been siloed, requiring several different monitoring tools that often leave engineers with blind spots,” explained Manav Khurana, chief product officer at New Relic.

Pathpoint targets this growing gap between IT and business outcomes by enabling engineers to alert technical and business teams to any undesired alterations in their business metrics—in near real time. Acting as a single source of truth, New Relic Pathpoint empowers rapid issue diagnosis and response through more accessible, consolidated insights.

“Pathpoint provides a holistic view across the entire IT infrastructure—from end-customer experience and code to the infrastructure used to run the code—with more than 30 capabilities including application performance monitoring, infrastructure and cloud monitoring, and real user monitoring,” said Khurana. “This allows teams to gain insight into the data they need to operate the software behind their business processes. An ecommerce Pathpoint user, for example, can gain insights into every stage of the customer journey, from customer behavior and browsing to transactions and post-interaction activities.”

The analytical power of Pathpoint enables IT insights into potential revenue loss during an outage. The solution allows users to map, navigate, track, and locate each stage of the business process, enabling Pathpoint to predict the financial and operational impact of system failures or outages.

Pathpoint’s both holistic and dynamic view of the entire business journey also enables a wide array of roles to make data-driven decisions at any point. By providing visibility into metrics that may directly impact business outcomes, Pathpoint brings clarity to an otherwise daunting threat of outages and potential lost revenue.

Key features of Pathpoint include:

  • Financial impact analysis of system issues via viewable software performance and business metrics
  • System health analysis of attributes that may impact the end user—including metrics related to response times, throughput, resource utilization, error rate, SLA compliance, and more—to reduce overall churn and increase revenue
  • Reduce the financial impact of downtime through service-level objects that can be aligned, set, and monitored alongside business goals
  • Optimize resource usage and costs

In addition to these benefits, New Relic plans for generative AI (GenAI)-powered insights to be incorporated into Pathpoint. Using New Relic AI—which is now available in early access—users will be able to leverage their natural language to gain greater understanding of business metrics. Allowing both engineering teams to narrow down gaps or code-level errors and business users to easily comprehend the nature of more technical insights, Pathpoint’s future GenAI-powered insights aim to bring plain language into its analytics game.

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