New Repository Capabilities Available from SOA Software

SOA Software, an SOA and cloud services governance provider, announced the availability of an upgraded closed-loop service governance automation solution, designed to help ensure that fine-grained development-time policy decisions are automatically applied to the enterprise's operating environment and enabling users to enforce development policies at runtime. Repository Manager Version 6.3 also integrates with SOA Software's Policy Manager.

Repository Manager is a development governance platform intended to help simplify the creation, integration, management and promotion of enterprise assets and services throughout the development lifecycle. Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA and cloud. "As companies embrace SOA to become more agile, they increasingly need fine-grained and calibrated governance processes to ensure policies are applied without additional overhead across the enterprise's development and operational teams," according to Brent Carlson, senior vice president of technology at SOA Software. "Repository Manager 6.3 allows for companies to start small and put in place fine-grained governance processes as their SOA initiatives evolve and mature."

New capabilities in version 6.3 include service operation-Level governance, which enables fine-grained service governance by allowing companies to define and automate policies around the consumption of service operations as well as services.

The latest release also incorporates impact analysis at an operation level to help provide enterprises with a more detailed view of their SOA implementation with operation-level impact analysis. Repository Manager, in conjunction with Policy Manager, also combine to automatically assign provider-side operational policies to one or more virtual services. This automated approach abstracts operational service policy concepts at development time and helps reduce the potential for human error in the virtual service generation process.

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