New Retail Mobile Apps from SAP Personalize the In-Store Shopping Experience

SAP AG has launched SAP Shopper Experience,a personalized retail mobile app that includes social media sharing, loyalty programs, and a self-payment system for shoppers. SAP also released the latest version of the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app, which allows store associates to execute core merchandising, inventory and customer service functions directly from the shop floor.

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research products, compare prices and get recommendations and, according to SAP, 80% of retailers are concerned their sales will continue to erode unless they successfully incorporate technology into the store experience by focusing on a more convenient customer experience and bringing more digital and online experiences to stores. 

According to SAP, with the new SAP Shopper Experience app, retailers can offer consumers the ability to create collaborative shopping lists, redeem unique offers specific to a particular store and manage loyalty accounts.

For consumers, the app enables them to self-scan merchandise and pay, as well as share offers with friends on Facebook —from their mobile device while shopping in the store. The app is customizable to a retailer’s unique brand identity. After linking a loyalty account, consumers are immediately recognized and can review points, status levels and upcoming rewards.

In addition to a higher level of consumer engagement and higher conversion rates from integrated mobile offers, retailers benefit by providing self-service features that help reduce stores’ operational costs. SAP Shopper Experience is available on Android and iOS devices.