New SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Storage Solution Eases Strain of Storage and Retrieval of Big Data

SAP has introduced the NetWeaver BW Near-Line Storage rapid deployment solution, which enables seamless data transfer between the business warehouse (BW) and the near-line storage that holds important historical data. By offering transparent access to historical data for reporting and query capabilities, SAP says, the solution can limit a business’ costs and concerns around housing volumes of big data while also creating an online and accelerated retrieval system with the near-line storage.

 “CIOs – regardless of the industry at large or small businesses – around the world face the issue of big data as they accumulate more for analysis and reporting purposes,” observes Elvira Wallis, senior vice president of analytics, Database Technology and Mobile Solutions Packages.  “Housing all of this data is expensive and can be a strain to the business warehouse. With SAP NetWeaver BW Near-Line Storage rapid-deployment solution, historical data remains readily accessible and reduces the cost of traditionally storing the data.”

The SAP NetWeaver BW Near-Line Storage rapid-deployment solution can help customers reduce maintenance efforts and system downtime through a leaner business warehouse where historical data resides in near-line storage readily accessible when needed.

In the deployed solution, historical data can be easily and automatically moved from the main business warehouse data store to the storage in SAP Sybase IQ software and remain readily available for analytics and reporting. This helps address the issue of an over-extended business warehouse while enabling massive volumes of data outside of it to remain online and easily accessible. Additionally, the rapid-deployment solution can help a company reduce business warehouse costs by handling ballooning data growth with near-line storage. According to SAP, quick deployment of SAP NetWeaver BW near-line storage includes best-practices content and implementation methods and services with a finite scope, which allows customers to be gain benefit in as little as 12 weeks.

A book, titled “Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions,” is available from Galileo Press and offers details on SAP rapid-deployment solutions.

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