New “Skinny Mainframe” Announced by IBM

With cloud, the mainframe just keeps getting smaller and more portable. IBM has announced it will be shipping a new, 19-inch, single-frame mainframe built on IBM z14 technology, capable of processing more than 850 million fully encrypted transactions per day on a single system. 

These “skinny mainframes” are designed for easy placement in both public cloud data centers and private cloud deployments. It’s the result of IBM working closely with more than 80 clients to create a mainframe that meets their needs.

The new “skinny mainframes include the IBM z14 Model ZR1 and IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II. The IBM z14 family of servers are designed to offer data protection while simplifying compliance to new regulations. The system also supports the application of machine learning to an organization’s most valuable data to create deeper insights. IBM z14 offers a cloud infrastructure with highly scalable transaction volumes at relatively low cost. The IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II is designed to provide a data and cloud platform with pervasive encryption, high availability, and performance at scale. It is packaged in an enterprise Linux server designed to fit into cloud data centers.

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