New Study Shows Significant Operational Efficiency Gains from Better Use of Effective Data

Sybase has issued the third and final installment of results from a study on the business impacts of effective data. The study benchmarked some of the world's leading companies across a range of vertical industries by measuring the direct correlation between a company's IT investments and overall business performance.

The final installment of the study - Impacts of Effective Data on Operational Efficiency - illustrates the impacts of effective data on operational efficiency, exploring how data impacts a company's asset utilization, planning and forecasting accuracy, and on-time delivery of products and services - all leading indicators of supply chain performance, revenue growth and profitability. The study found that by better harnessing effective data, the median Fortune 1000 company surveyed stands to reap more than $270 million in savings from improved utilization of existing assets, and in some cases up to $2.6 billion, and that the accuracy of plans and forecasts can be increased by more than 18%.

Five attributes of data effectiveness were considered, including quality, intelligence, usability, remote accessibility and sales mobility. According to the research, an improvement in just three of the five data attributes used in the study - quality, sales mobility and intelligence - can have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency.

"The most rewarding aspect of working with our customers is helping them understand how to best leverage their existing data to uncover new and exciting revenue opportunities," states Dr. Raj Nathan, executive vice president and CMO, Sybase. "The common theme that flows through each of the three installments is that improving data quality does not have to be a disruptive and costly undertaking. Just by taking incremental steps to improving data quality, organizations can enjoy significant returns in a relatively short amount of time."

The study was commissioned by Sybase and conducted by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, in conjunction with the Indian School of Business.
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